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buying a voucher:
vouchers can be bought in the same way as normal articles (cds, downloads). no sales tax is incurred when buying a voucher. after payment has been made, the value of the voucher will be automatically credited to your crack shop account and is immediately available to you for the payment of purchases. the stipulated minimum order value of 5,0 euro does not apply to payments made via the crack shop account.

redeeming a voucher:
gift vouchers will be sent by email. in the email you will find a personal link and a voucher code. either click on the link and the value of the voucher will be immediately credited to your crack shop account or you can redeem your voucher by using the personal code on our voucher page or while placing an order.

vouchers as a gift:
special occasion or simply to treat someone, you can also pass on the amount of credit on your account to a friend in the form of a voucher. should you have no credit on your crack shop account, you can rectify this by buying a voucher (see above). after a successful login you will find the item "pass on voucher" on our voucher page – please follow the instructions.

our vouchers have no expiry date and the credit on your crack shop account is available to you at any time and without a time limit.