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cracked anegg records
sean hutchinson's - still life
sean hutchinson's
still life
2010 | eigenverlag
audio cd | 13,00 EUR

musicians | musiker: sean hutchinson/drums, production, compositions; omer klein/piano; bridget kearney/bass;

description | beschreibung: “cross-over” does not begin to describe the unique world of still life. blending acoustic instruments with an electronic ambience, the trio create a sonic world where machine-like drum beats, melodic bass-lines, and lush piano textures set the stage for singable melodies and moving improvisational displays. the music is equally influenced by the giants of rock such as the beatles and wilco as by the great jazz trio units of brad mehldau, bill evans, ahmad jamal, with the emotional intensity and electronic edge of radiohead. the members of the band all share the unique perspective of being both in-demand sidemen and emerging bandleaders in their own right. drawing from this experience, each player serves the collective sound, but does so in their own highly personalized voice.  all songs are composed by the band members specifically for this unique amalgam of personalities, save for a few choice covers by the likes of david bowie, radiohead, and the beatles.
tracks & titles samples time choose price
01 again, again prelisten 04:39 € 0.99
02 juno prelisten 06:05 € 0.99
03 treat me like train tracks prelisten 06:12 € 0.99
04 red fish blue fish dead fish same fish prelisten 05:04 € 0.99
05 bliss rejection prelisten 04:13 € 0.99
06 planet telex prelisten 04:24 € 0.99