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cracked anegg records
triotonic - sensitive
2002 | buzo records
audio cd | 16,00 EUR

musicians | musiker: volkhard iglseder/piano; bernhard wittgruber/drums; horst sandy sonntagbauer/bass;

description: with their cd sensitive triotonic are consequently continuing their way of individualisation. the nine original compositions are emotional snap-shots without any airs and graces. the principle of reduction is obvious right from the start. comprehendible without giving the impression of being banal - every moment simply honest and with a lot of heart and soul.

tracks & titles samples time
01 60 seconds prelisten 05:56
02 long away prelisten 06:40
03 weinberg prelisten 04:33
04 nuns prelisten 06:24
05 mirrors prelisten 05:22
06 your song prelisten 04:42
07 but functional prelisten 05:11
08 circle prelisten 06:08
09 farewell prelisten 03:47