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vadim neselovskyi group - spring song
vadim neselovskyi group
spring song
audio cd | 16,00 EUR

musicians | musiker: amanda baisinger/voice; eric bloom/trumpet; vadim neselovskyi/piano; oleg osenkov/bass; pedro ito/drums, percussion;

description: vadim neselovskyi, mostly known from his work with gary burtons quintett "new generation", presents a his debut album "spring song" with great musicians coming from all over the world. his compositions are a remarkable blend of jazz, world and classical music.

beschreibung: vadim neselovskyi, vor allem bekannt durch seine arbeit mit gary burtons quintett "new generation", präsentiert eine international besetzte band auf seinem debutalbum "spring song". seine kompositionen sind eine bemerkenswerte mischung aus jazz world und klassischer musik.

tracks & titles samples time choose price
01 song for vera prelisten 07:58 € 0.99
02 who is it? prelisten 05:03 € 0.99
03 last snow prelisten 07:15 € 0.99
04 spring song prelisten 05:29 € 0.99
05 even birds can fly prelisten 05:58 € 0.99
06 prosti, zdenek prelisten 07:24 € 0.99
07 prelude for vibes prelisten 03:54 € 0.99
08 san felio prelisten 06:11 € 0.99